Lovelace Health Plan



Project Highlights

  • Customer Since 2011
  • Purchased inProcess™ Database
  • Purchased inProcess™ Software User Training
  • Contracted PMCS Process Analysts for Process Documentation Services
  • Contracted PMCS Software Developer for inProcess™ Customized Improvements
  • Consulted with PMCS Project Managers for Leadership Support

Customer Background:

“At Lovelace Health Plan, our mission is to provide high-quality health coverage to our community at a price it can afford.  To do this, we offer a broad range of health plans and programs, as well as coverage with a large network of contracted providers.  We are committed to fostering relationships with our providers, members, brokers and community at large.  We recognize that we demonstrate our commitment to these groups by designing exceptional products for them”

– Ben Slocum, CEO Lovelace Health Plan


LHP has contracted PMC Solutions, Inc. (PMCS) to design, develop, and implement a unique Business Process Management Center within PMCS’ proprietary process mapping software, inProcess™, to ensure greater process visibility and efficiency throughout Lovelace.

Customer Challenge:

Process documentation efforts at Lovelace Health Plan have always been well supported.  However, once multiple departments began to fully participate in process documentation, it became difficult to manage hundreds of processes in a singular database.  Lovelace Health Plan had been utilizing SharePoint and Visio to manage processes, but was not sure if this would be the long-term solution.


PMCS process analysts and inProcess™ experts will capture the existing documented and partially documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) from Lovelace Health Plan (any format, Excel, Visio, Word, Adobe PDF…) and replicate them in the inProcess™ system using standardized process mapping techniques and best business practices. LHP will be able to utilize the unique features of inProcess™ to manage system-wide business processes for change management and ensure they are continually in compliance with ever-changing healthcare regulations.


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