Information Technology is slowly taking a grip of how organizations view their processes. Great article on how this WILL affect us all

Successful Workplace

When it comes to operational improvement, organizations today are light years ahead of where they were two decades ago, but there’s no time to celebrate yesterday’s wins. They won’t immunize your organization against this decade’s march of ongoing progress. That’s because information technology — not just the Internet, but also mobile devices, “big data” for intensive data-crunching, and other computer hardware and software — will render even some of today’s most proficient business processes obsolete by the end of the decade.

The question for top management is no longer whether your organization’s processes need to be improved, but rather which ones, how much, and when.

I see three big opportunities:

1. Work across organizational and global boundaries. The Internet has changed our lives dramatically over the last decade. But organizations continue to use information technology to redesign work across organizational and global boundaries. Ford, for example…

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