Why is Price Waterhouse Coopers Buying Additional inProcess™ User Licenses?

“The current economic slowdown is driving businesses to evaluate existing delivery models against various cost-cutting strategies. In reviewing those traditional models, companies may find that a shared services center (SSC) is a more effective delivery option for their operational strategy — especially if they need to keep processes in-house.”

Companies that have already established an SSC are confronted with a number of challenges, both internal and external. PwC’s performance and process improvement professionals can help organizations with human resources, information technology, and finance and accounting functions. In combination with our project managers, PwC can help bring together the elements that drive efficiencies for your shared services center to meet these challenges.” www.pwc.com

Since 2008, PwC has been housing process information via PMCS’ proprietary process mapping tool inProcess in various service delivery centers (SDCs) located around the nation.   Rather than have work completed by PwC staff in their immediate office, PwC’s client service professionals now have the option of assigning work to an SDC for completion.   Staff in the SDC will follow a specific process for completing the work assigned, and for each type of work, there is a documented process for completion.  The process is being documented and tracked using inProcess.  Both PMCS and PwC benefit from this arrangement by standardizing process efficiency to a greater degree, all the while generating greater visibility for our product.


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