PMCS Walk the Process Method

PMC Solutions’ Method for Documenting “Undocumented” Processes

“Walk the Process” Meetings

  • Attendees: Two PMCS Process Analysts and Client’s Subject Matter Experts (SME)
  • Before mapping out a process, PMCS Process Analysts will help to identify:
    • A singular Process Owner (SME), who will be responsible for approving the final product created by PMCS Process Analysts in inProcess™
    • Purpose of the process “as-is”
    • Customers—internal vs. external
    • The process parameters
      • Inputs—what do we need to begin this process
      • Outputs—what is the product of this process
    • Restrictions and regulations governing this process
  • Walk the Process “as-is”
    • A PMCS Process Analyst will walk the attendees through each step of the process using yellow sticky notes as task identifiers. This is done to aid the team in visualizing the process, as well as to allow for PMCS Process Analysts to extract all of the “in their head” knowledge from the team
    • A resource responsibility for each step is identified
    • Forms, URL’s, or detailed work instructions associated with the steps are identified
    • Once process is completed, it is read out loud to make sure it is clear and concise
  • If the team is unavailable to conduct a meeting, or the process involves only one person, a PMCS process analyst will execute the above “Walk the Process” method with the individual via interviews or job shadowing

Input into inProcess™

  • A PMCS Process Analyst will then take the maps created during the “Walk the Process” meetings, and input them into inProcess™
  • Included are all attachments, team dialogue, and resources. Further, the appropriate Process Owner is applied

Send Out for Review

  • Once the process is successfully imputed into inProcess™, the PMCS process analyst will send out an email asking the Process Owner (SME) to approve the process map and document
  • Any revisions will be discussed solely between the SME and the PMCS Process Analyst
  • Once the process is verified and accepted, the PMCS Process Analyst will publish the map and document to the inProcess™ web portal and notify the team

PMCS process analysts have successfully used the “Walk-the-Process” method in various projects supporting the County of Los Alamos, Bernalillo County, and Sandia National Laboratories.  To learn more about this unique process mapping method, please feel free to contact PMC Solutions sales at: (505) 462-3185


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