How Does inProcess™ Communicate with Microsoft® SharePoint®?

inProcess™ v4.5 is a unique software application that is built to communicate specifically with other Microsoft® databases.  Built in SQL Server and Microsoft® Silverlight®, inProcess™ v4.5 fits seamlessly within an organization’s already existing SharePoint® database.  There is no need to establish additional communication portals between the two applications, inProcess™ v4.5 allows for this out of the box.

Organizations wishing to integrate the two applications will simply need to select and upload the SharePoint® page link, inProcess™ map, or document to the chosen database by selecting one of the three methods presented in this document.  All current information within a SharePoint® database will not need to be altered to fit within the inProcess™ v4.5 framework.

Understanding Both Applications

Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 – “The capabilities of SharePoint 2010 work together to help your company quickly respond to changing business needs. Using SharePoint 2010, your people can share ideas and expertise, create custom solutions for specific needs, and find the right business information to make better decisions. For IT, SharePoint 2010 helps you cut training and maintenance costs, save time and effort, and focus on higher business priorities.” –

inProcess™ v4.5 inProcess™ v4.5 is an automated, interactive, process mapping software designed and developed by PMC Solutions, Inc. (PMCS).  It facilitates on-line process collaboration and effective knowledge management, based on, and aligned with client recommendations and industry best business process practices.   inProcess™ will enable your organization to identify, design, develop, as well as maintain all business process flows in one centralized, web-enabled site.  You will have at your disposal a real-time visual tool that can be accessed by your entire workforce quickly and easily—saving both time and money.  Further, in order to satisfy our Federal Government clients, inProcess™ v4.5 is Section 508 and FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) compliant, as well as Department of Homeland Security IT Certified and Accredited.

Application Integration Options

Out of the box, there are 3 primary ways that inProcess™ v4.5 and Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 can work together.

  1. Upload SharePoint® page links into inProcess™ v4.5
  2. Embed inProcess™ v4.5 process maps and documents into a SharePoint® site
  3. Link to an inProcess™ v4.5 managed documented from SharePoint® 2010 (only available with SharePoint® 2010)

Additional Application Integration OptionsinProcess™ v4.5 is built primarily in Microsoft® Silverlight®, and, as a result, can fully communicate with other application databases built in Microsoft® Silverlight®.  Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 is also built in Microsoft® Silverlight®.  What this means, is the inProcess™ v4.5 database can be customized to operate within the clients’ SharePoint® database, rather than as a stand-alone application.  All documents can therefore be managed by SharePoint®, and all process information will be ingrained within SharePoint® pages.  This option, however, is not available as a commercial off the shelf product.  PMCS can make this available through additional custom work, in order to ensure that the inProcess™ system will cooperate fully with the clients’ SharePoint® database.

Integration Examples

1) Upload SharePoint® page links into inProcess™ v4.5

inProcess™ v4.5 allows users to upload and attach various file types to their processes, which will also be saved to the database for enhanced document management.  The following file types are allowed:

  • All Microsoft® file types
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Audio files
  • URL links
  • Email addresses

Organizations who utilize Microsoft® SharePoint® can therefore upload URL links of their SharePoint® pages to the inProcess™ v4.5 database for user access and reference.

Within the process map, created in inProcess™ v4.5, users will be able to click on a link that can take them directly to a document library created within SharePoint®.

2) Embed inProcess™ v4.5 process maps and documents into a SharePoint® site

Inversely, inProcess™ v4.5 process information can be embedded into a Microsoft® SharePoint® site via the “Page Viewer Web Part.”

Each process map created in inProcess™ v4.5 has a unique web address.  Therefore, inProcess™ v4.5 administrators will be able to copy a single process map link from inProcess™ v4.5, and upload it to a SharePoint® page or library as required.

What this will do is allow SharePoint® users to access one process map, rather than the entire inProcess™ v4.5 database.  SharePoint® pages and libraries will then have processes attached to them for all employees to follow.

3) Link to an inProcess™ v4.5 managed document from SharePoint® 2010 (only available with SharePoint® 2010)

In SharePoint® 2010, users are able to share and edit Microsoft® file types (Word, Excel, and Power Point) via the document “Check In / Check Out” feature.

Collaborating with a group often requires that several people work on the same document, which in many cases, can lead to version conflicts.  SharePoint® 2010 has minimized this issue by allowing document libraries to support the “Check In / Check Out” system which manages this functionality.   Checking Out a document locks it so that others can view the last published version, but cannot edit it until the user checks the document back in.  Once a document is Checked In, a new version is created, and other can see the changes made.

SharePoint® 2010 users can synchronize this feature with inProcess™ v4.5 by initially uploading an inProcess™ v4.5 managed document to SharePoint® 2010, and allow this document to go through the “Check In / Check Out” process.

A user will then be able to manage their document through SharePoint® document collaboration features, and the end user viewing the inProcess™ v4.5 process map will have the latest published version of the document available to them.

The document changes will therefore be saved and managed through SharePoint®, and the document content will be attached to the organizational procedures created in inProcess™ v4.5.

Future Integration

As Microsoft® SharePoint® moves into the future, it is anticipated that they will remain developing within the Silverlight® framework.  PMC Solutions has made the decision to mirror this production environment with our future versions of the inProcess™ software.  The next version of SharePoint® will include Silverlight® v5.0 (released December 2011); inProcess™ v5.0 will also utilize the advanced features available in Silverlight® v5.0 to ensure our product has the necessary capabilities to communicate with Microsoft® SharePoint®.

Lastly, PMC Solutions has been a Microsoft® Certified Partner for over 10 years.  The knowledge gained during this partnership has allowed our inProcess™ software developers to create a process mapping software that is up-to-date with Microsoft® Office® products, at a healthy pace within the industry.  Remaining with inProcess™ will ensure that your organization has an advanced process mapping software, that is mature enough to align with the most sophisticated Microsoft® database.


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