PMCS Expands Work at Los Alamos County

PMC Solutions was Awarded a New Contract with Los Alamos County Administrative Services Department


In December 2011, PMCS will expand its presence within Los Alamos County, and begin work with a second department for their Business Process Mapping and Documentation needs.  The Administrative Services Department, which is composed of Human Resources, Information Technology, the Office of Management and Budget, Procurement, and Risk, will work with PMCS to document key organizational processes stretching across multiple departments.  PMCS Process Analysts will facilitate these process documentation meetings (“Walk-the-Process”) and input them into the County’s inProcess™ database where all County employees can access the information.  The ultimate goal of the project is to standardize process performance and reduce training inconsistencies that currently affect both internal and external customers.

In 2010, PMCS began work with the Los Alamos County Department of Public Utilities (DPU), the only 4-service, not-for-profit, publically-owned utility in the State of New Mexico, to develop a Business Process Management System (BPMS) for the County of Los Alamos.  DPU set the standard for the larger initiative within the County, and PMCS is proud to say we have exceeded their expectations, and have been granted the opportunity to further our service.  We look forward to more expansion in the partnership in the future.


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