From the CEO: Knowledge Sustainability (aka Knowledge Management or Knowledge Retention)

…a funny thing happened to inProcess™ on its way to market. The original conceptualization of inProcess™ had been aimed at providing support to companies and organizations that were primarily focused on pursuing a quality journey in ISO, Malcolm Baldrige, Lean Six Sigma, CMMI or other Quality Management Systems.  We felt that there was a huge need in the market for software and services that could provide organizations with the necessary tools to establish processes that were in-line with stringent quality initiatives.

Then one day I asked a customer how his organization was using our software and services, because I knew he was not engaged in any type of quality journey.  He informed me that his company was successfully utilizing inProcess™ for retaining the knowledge and expertise of personnel that were going to be retiring within the next 12 months to five years.  According to their Human Resource department, a significant amount of their personnel (mostly baby-boomers) were going to retire within five years.   In his experience, the best way to capture this critical knowledge that was heading out the door was to map and document how theses employees fulfilled their job responsibilities, and then relate these processes to the companies’ Standard Operating Procedures.

The initial task of capturing how out-going personnel completed everything from daily tasks to major projects, to the conversion of these process maps and documentation into an automated training manual for new employees, was all accomplished within the customer’s already established framework of inProcess™.   These process maps were then used as a tool to train new employees.  Through this serendipitous conversation with our customer, PMCS positioned a revised focus on marketing features of inProcess™ as a means of knowledge retention, rather than merely a tool used to promote the organization’s Quality Journey, with exceptionally positive results. Companies and organizations may not have an initial Quality focus, but knowledge retention, through process mapping and the utilization of inProcess™, can be a great asset to companies wanting to successfully plan for the future.


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