PMCS Featured Speaker at AQN Tools to Action Workshop

On Thursday, September 23, 2010 PMC Solutions was invited to present at the Albuquerque Quality Network Tools-to-Action Workshop.  At this workshop PMCS gave the participants an overview of the basics of process mapping, by utilizing PMC Solutions’ unique software inProcess™.  By utilizing the software as a teaching tool, the participants were able to better understand the following about process mapping:

  • Advantages/benefits
  • Elements of a good process map
  • Process documentation
  • Compliance with quality initiatives
  • Process map and document integration
  • Planning and developing a Business Process Management Center (BPMC).

The workshop also included instruction on how to build a process map. Presenters were PMC Solutions Process Analysts, Monica Mercado, Joi Ries and Angie Rodriguez.

PMCS is currently a holds an AQN Sapphire Sponsor Membership.

About AQN:

“AQN is a non-profit organization directed by business professionals focused on providing education and training in quality.


The mission of AQN is to educate the Albuquerque business community on quality principles and processes to improve organizational performance.


AQN is a premier partner and contributor to the success of Albuquerque businesses as they pursue their quality journeys. As a result, Albuquerque is recognized as a center for business performance excellence.”


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